GDPR Support

GDPR Compliance: Craft an effective data management strategy with PRONYX Consultancy

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is rapidly approaching. As the new guidelines and compliance procedures quickly creep up on us, does your company know how to safeguard your data ready for the 25th May 2018 kick off date?

You will have data to organise (and find!) along with discovering what these new guidelines mean for you and your company’s future. Having your processes ready can seem unachievable in the given time constraints. But we can help. Our PRONYX Consultants are well versed on how to implement best practice and effective workflow into your process roadmap.

Here are just a few ways our experienced consultants can help:

Secure Hosting

When dealing with confidential data security is a maximum priority that can’t be jeopardised. The team at PRONYX understand this and can help you find and collate your data whether you personally hold it yourself, outsource in a Data Centre, or utilise both options.

Our consultants will ensure your data is safely collected, organised and stored under one roof.

Data Access

Who can view your sensitive material is important, it can be difficult to keep operations confidential if your entire organisation has access to the same data.

The Team at PRONYX can work with you to rectify this by ensuring your Admin Team have greater control over data visibility across your company. Data is best managed in an organisation when it is strictly accessible on a “need-to-know” basis. This ensures complete compliance with no risk of a privacy breach.

Increase Agility and Productiveness

We understand the significance of ensuring efficient workplace operations post GDPR kick off, and thanks to the team at PRONYX this isn’t a problem.

By systemically exploring your existing systems and data management methods we will be able to identify where automation can dramatically increase the agility and responsiveness of data management. This will allow your team to hit the ground running post May 2018.

The Perfect Fit

After our team have collaboratively crafted your GDPR process roadmap our assistance doesn’t stop there. Utilising our industry expertise we are more than happy to recommend the vendors which we think would be the best fit for your company.

Interested? Contact our Consultancy Team and book a Discovery Call

Explore your processes using our professional support.  Simply contact our Consultancy Team on 0330 111 0571 for an initial discovery call where we can discuss your company’s current GDPR Compliance requirements/challenges.