Business Process Management

Business Process Management could be considered as the latest buzzword, however in reality we have all been practicing BPM in a number of ways for years.

In a sentence, BPM is simply defined as “a systematic approach to making an organisation’s workflow more effective, efficient and capable of adaptation.”1 Now Business Executives across all industries are realising that the key to a successful business lies within the power, performance and longevity of their internal processes.

What are the components of BPM?

Business | The corporate landscape is governed by the business imperative of making a profit.

Process | A series of instructions or tasks. Processes can range for simple actions and tasks involving pennies to those of a more complex and costly nature. Processes often involve multiple people in various locations and are likely to be dependent on various systems.

Management | Everyone is a manager. For some it is in their job title, some of us manage people, some of us manage information, along with all of us being managed by colleagues or customers. Management is the concept of implementing your company goals; and more often than not; companies turn to technology to do so.

BPM allows companies to make real changes that will benefit them for years to come. Not only does BPM provide managers with the power to make real time decisions, but identify the keys areas where process time and subsequently expenditure is being wasted. Typically, BPM activity will straddle on one or more departments within an organisation.

But of course, before you reap the benefits of implementing BPM you need a clear strategy of what business requirements your company wants to achieve.

Business Process Management Strategy

Our approach to a BPM strategy examines each of your companies separate processes, workflows and administrative tasks spanning your departments and teams, finding ways to ensure growth by establishing greater agility and capability.

Most organisations adopt a Business Process Management Strategy (BPM Strategy) with the following objectives in mind:

  • Creating an agile environment which fosters innovation,
  • Improving customer service and response times,
  • Streamlining resources towards business-critical areas,

Our consultants are skilled strategists, who believe you should never have to compromise on your company requirements to achieve true operational excellence. We are always on hand to ensure your business’s aspirations become a reality.

With the PRONYX Team we will work with you to ensure your improved process leaves your organisation ready to:

  • Respond to new regulation/legislation with ease,
  • Increase your productivity, responsiveness and results,
  • Ensure a safe and seamless integration with other systems,
  • Match the increased expectations of service from your clients,
  • Operate like never before with a process map that will provide your company with a long-term solution.

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PRONYX Consulting is part of the FLOvate Solutions Group. A company which has over 10 years of experience implementing Business Process Management solutions to high profile clients in diverse industries. As a result, we have helped our clients improve the way they manage their business processes and in turn reduce expenditure by improving their productivity, efficiency and quality.

This experience means the team at PRONYX Consulting are ideally positioned to work with you to understand your operational needs and craft an effective, adaptable process, which is guaranteed to improve the way you do business.

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